Blushing Cotton Candy

I don’t know about you, but I am SO happy that the Winter 2013 trend of pastels is spilling out into SS14. Although this trend does pretty much require that you have somewhat of a tan [mine comes via bottle], I just LOVE how the blush pinks, blues, greens, lilacs etc. reflect the colours of the season. When I see someone sporting a well put-together pastel attire, it kind of does something to my brain which makes me feel happy, cheerful, and hopeful that the warmth of Spring is just around the corner.

As this SS14 trend calls for head-to-toe pastel, I opted for head-to-toe PINK. I felt like a pretty-in-pink ball of cotton candy; like one huge glucose overload… and I LOVED it. Would you ever go head-to-toe pastel? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to shop the look below, for your Spring/Summer dose of cotton candy. ENJOY! xo



1. Sweater by Boohoo

2. Pink Boyfriend Jeans by Boohoo

3. Shoes by Zara

4. Clutch by Boohoo

5. Necklace by TOPSHOP [similar here]

6. Bracelet by Sabo Skirt

7. Sparrow Ring by Sabo Skirt

8. Pearl Claw Ring by Sabo Skirt

9. Thin Gold Band Rings by Sabo Skirt

10. Phone Case by Case Cavern via Etsy

nicki xoxo

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