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Hey Gorgeous! I hope you’re okay, today. So lately, every family member I see has some sort of remark about the rips in my clothes; it’s either a sarcastic remark like, “Oh, Nicki, your jeans are ripped. Want me to buy you a sowing hit to patch them up?“, or of genuine concern: “Oh Nicki, want me to lend you some money so you can get a new pair of jeans?” I can’t help but laugh at the latter. Little do they know, my jeans are actually new, and I intentionally ripped them. On top of that, whilst in York yesterday celebrating my besties birthday, an old man stopped me on the street, looked me up and down, and with a genuine look of concern, said, “I think you need to get yourself a new pair of jeans. Your knees are going to get cold!“…

As you probably know by now, I am a huge fan of rips… especially rips in my jeans. However, when I spotted this super cute ripped, knit sweater, I had to purchase it… regardless of what comments I could foresee getting thrown my way, ha! Anyway, don’t forget to shop the look below. ENJOY! xo



1. Ripped Sweater by BooHoo

2. Pants/Trousers by Next [similar here]

3. Booties by TOPSHOP [similar here]

5. Bag by H&M

6. Booties by TOPSHOP [similar here]

7. Necklace by TOPSHOP [similar here]

8. Bracelet by Tuvalu Laguna Beach Boutique

9. Rings by Next

10. Watch by Sabo Skirt [similar here]

11. Hat [similar here]

nicki xoxo

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