Don’t you love it when you wake-up, refreshed, and ready to take on the day? Don’t you love it even more when you wake-up feeling that way before your alarm even sounds? I know I do! I guess the jetlag had something to do with it, and I know I’ll pay for it with tiredness later tonight. It was bound to happen, anyway, due to the fact I’d been awake for almost twenty hours [if you take into account the time difference], flown half way around the world, dropped my stuff off in the hotel, then headed straight out to explore the sights of beautiful Chicago.

After the usual routine of make-up, hair, and wardrobe, we headed out the door to go grab some breakfast before our busy day ahead. I, of course, had already tracked down the nearest Starbucks on my travels around the city yesterday… so I was all set. My Dad fancied something a bit different, so he headed across the road to Dunkin’ Donuts.


We definitely took in the sights on our stroll down to the merchandise mart. Usually, I walk abnormally fast [I get it from my Mam – we both have extremely long legs], but today, I wanted to indulge myself in the culture, feel, and gorgeous architecture of Chicago. I also managaed to sneak in a quick Outfit of the Day for Instagram while I was at it [ #thetruthdiariesgoestochicago  //  #thetruthdiariesinchicago ].

Not only were the sights mind-blowingly beautiful, but the people were so lovely. Upon trying to find the merchandise mart [and not having a clue where we were headed… we must have looked like such tourists], we asked a man, shirt-and-tie-clad, who looked as though he knew Chicago like the back-of-his-hand. As he looked like he was on his way to work, I expected a short-and-sweet reply, giving us brief, but criptic directions, meaning we’d have to ask someone else; however, I was pleasantly surprised. The guy was lovely. He took the time to name the streets we had to go down, tell us how long it would take to get there, point us in the right direction – and all with a broad smile. It’s small, but kind circumstances like that that really impact your day.


Above: NEW top purchased yesterday from Forever 21 [on sale], leather shorts purchased yesterday from Zara, Boater Hat [ #justmeandmystrawhat ] purchased yesterday from Forever 21, Mink coloured, studded booties by DP, my fave leather bag by Next, Chain necklace by TOPSHOP, and my classic order of Venti iced vanilla Chai Tea Latte with an extra shot of vanilla from Starbucks.




Once we located the merchandise mart, we signed in, and began exploring the 700+ showrooms of Interior Designers, office design, and so much more. It was exciting to be a part of North America’s largest design exhibition, and it was even more exciting to see how excited my Dad was to be in the presence of so many products he works with everyday in his business [ BIG Interiors – go check it out! It’s awesome! ]

I’ve got to say, two of my favourite showrooms had to be that of Haworth, and Herman Miller. I loved their seating, and overall design of how they visually portrayed their products. Not to mention that their seating was really innovative, and definitely comfy on the old booty!

After seven hours perusing the showrooms, we decided to call it a day, and headed to… you guess it – Starbucks.We found the perfect spot to rest our feet in a memorial park, with great views of the city.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 1.06.27 PM



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