Ever heard of a Segway? I’m sure you have. Well, that’s what I got up to today. Beforehand, I was quite nervous [nervous enough not to finish my Iced Vanilla Chai… yeah, I must have been nervous]. I was a little scared that I’d: 1. crash into someone, 2. not be able to control it, and 3. ride it into Lake Michigan. I’m happy to tell you that none of the above happened. In fact, it was amazing. Once they gave us a quick tutorial, and made sure we knew what we were doing, we were off round the city. Believe it or not, I actually lead the group at one stage… I had the need for speed. IMG_7776





Afterwards, we headed to Millenium Park to see The Cloud Gate [aka. the bean]. For those of you that haven’t seen, nor heard of ‘Cloud Gate’, it is a very large piece of art, shaped like a bean, designed by Anish Kapoor. It was inspired by liquid mercury, and reflects and distorts Chicago’s skyline.



Couldn’t resist a selfie.


[ Wearing slouch, waist-tie blouse by Brandy Melville, High waist, super skinny jeans by TOPSHOP [distressed by me ] ].

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