Today, I took to the streets of Chicago solo. My Dad went back to The Merchandise Mart from the final day of the NeoCon exhibition, and to have lunch with his childhood friend that we bumped into while perusing the showroom of Herman Miller.



Today I wore: Boater Hat by Forever 21, White Knit tank top by TOPSHOP, Highwaist Floral Shorts by TOPSHOP, Mink, Studded Booties by DP, Chain necklace by TOPSHOP, and my all-time fave, brown, leather bag by Next.

My first stop on the list was Forever 21.


Denim-look, cut-out shoulder, tie shirt by Forever 21. I adored this shirt, and loved how it looked with my outfit that I was already wearing. I couldn’t say no.


Dip hem, black, crochet-back dress by Forever 21. To be honest, I’m surpised I even picked this up, and took it into the changing rooms with me. I never wear day-dresses. I always prefer to wear shorts, or playsuits/rompers; they’re just so much more secure, and reliable… you know that they’re not going to fly up, revealing your undies if a spontaneous gust of wind comes along. But, when I saw the crochet-back, I fell in love. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s super comfy. With it’s slimline design, and black coloring, you don’t have to worry about eating to much on the day you wear it, either. Love, love, love. Although, I don’t think I’ll be wearing this anytime soon while I’m in the windy city… just incase it decides to live-up to it’s name, if you know what I mean?

Although I had planned for hit Zara, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters this morning, I ended up spending three hours total in Forever 21, and by the time I was finished, I had to meet my Dad… oops.

After a quick bite to eat at Starbucks, we headed to the Navy Pier, where we rode the Ferris Wheel, journeyed through a huge, indoor green house/hot house, with some beautiful water fountains, and colorful birds. I ended up walking shoe-less around Navy Pier as my feet felt like they were about to drop off from all of the walking. I’m obviously not used to it.









Beautiful, right? I think I’m falling in love with this city.


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