Detox Water


Last Summer, Pinterest inspired me to whip up some delicious detox water. Now that Summer has came back around, I couldn’t wait to share my Summery Detox Water Recipe with you all. Here’s some healthy detox benefits for you to explain why I use the ingredients that I do:

Improves Digestive Function
Promotes Skin Repair
Detoxifies the Liver
Effectively Curbs Appetite
Improves Overall Health and Wellbeing

Contains Organic Compound Citrulline which aids in Flushing Out Toxins
Provides Necessary Vitamin C + K
Boosts Bone Health [because of the content of Vitamin K]
Reduces Blood Pressure due to the high source of Potassium and low source of Sodium
Promotes Healthy, Supple Skin because of the high level of skin-loving vitamins and nutrients contained in Cucumber

Aids in a more effective Digestive System
Helps Relax Cramped Stomach Muscles
Contains Antioxidants
Contains Vitamins and Minerals

ingredients below


1 Lemon [Sliced]
4-6 Mint Sprigs [personal preference]
1/2 Cucumber [Sliced]
Jug of Cold Water

Leave in the fridge so that the flavours had mix and blend together: for full flavour effect – leave overnight.
Serve, and enjoy!

nicki xoxo

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