Beauty Haul OctoberHonestly, I only went on ELF [UK + Rest of the World site] / [US site], to buy some more HD Under Eye Setting Powder after I ran out. Who knew that they were having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale?! I certainly didn’t, otherwise I would have avoided the website entirely knowing that I wouldn’t be able to contain myself… as you can see, above.

I’m super excited to test these products out, and share my faves with you once they’ve arrived… stay tuned!

1. High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site] **

2. Essential Lip Stain Shade Pink Petal: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

3. Essential Lip Stain Shade Nude Nectar: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

4. Essential Lip Stain Shade Crimson Crush: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

5. Eye Liner Brush: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

6. Smudge Brush: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

7. Studio Powder Brush: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

8. Studio Stipple Brush: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site] **

9. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Colour Coffee: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

10. Studio Blush Shade Peachy Keen: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

11. Studio Waterproof Lengthen and Volumise Mascara Shade Black Brown [US site] / Shade Dark Brown [UK & R.O.W site]: ELF

12. Essential Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

13. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette: ELF [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

14. Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 Shade Clear: [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

15. Studio Matte Lip Colour Shade Nearly Nude: [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

16. Studio Matte Lip Colour Shade Rich Red: [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

17. Essential Bronzer with Brush Shade Glow: [US site] / [UK & R.O.W site]

** Previously purchased and LOVE! This is a repurchase. 


UK & EU Code: 5020000

Italy Code: 5020001

Ends November 4th, 2013.

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