I apologise profusely if I have you now have Rebecca Blacks: “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!” song in your head. And if it wasn’t in your head… I apologise now for typing the lyrics which has most likely got the song stuck on replay in your head.

You know when you plan a shopping trip, but don’t actually plan on buying anything… but then you see a gazzillion things that, of course, if you were planning on actually purchasing anything most likely wouldn’t be there? I don’t know about you, but this always happens to me… and today it happened to me bad. Not only did I splurge in the stores, but I also managed to splurge whilst online shopping, too. Although, in my defense, the items I bought whilst shopping online have been burning a hole in my ‘Basket’ for about a month. You know you definitely want them when you go back, everyday for a month just to see if the size you want is still in stock; I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when the words, “Sorry. The size/colour you requested is no longer in stock” don’t pop up on my screen.

I have to be honest with you – items 1 & 3 look 10x better on than they do simply placed in the image below. The fit of the trousers/pants [3], are a tight, yet comfortable fit… [and my behind looks great in them – BONUS!]. I’m planning on pairing these with either of the black tops featured below [4 & 9 ] tucked-in slightly in front, my black pointed toe flats from Zara as seen in THIS post, and my leather jacket [also featured in THIS post].

Item 1 looks absolutely uh-may-zing on. I wish there was a better picture to display for you because the image really doesn’t do it justice. I purchased a much larger size in this cosy sweater than I usually would, as it is naturally tight-normal fitted. Because of the turtle neck, the 80s making their millionth comeback, and winter only being around the corner; I wanted the sweater to appear oversized. How I’d style [and how I styled it in the fitting room], would be to tuck the front of the sweater, and loosely tug out until the sweater is fully out slightly before it hits your hips. I’d pair this with my super skinny, all-time fave black jeans by ZARA [distressed at the knee by me], cuffed slightly, a pair of ankle boots [such as the Petty boot by Sam Edelman], optional denim vest/waistcoat, and accessorized however you may desire!

I can’t wait to shoot some Style photographs soon for you all to see how I piece together everything featured below! Stay tuned, lovelies!

Fashion Haul Friday

1. Chunky Roll Neck Sweater by NEXT

2. Leather Cut-Out Flats with Ankle Strap by ZARA

3. Green Check Trousers by NEXT

4. Off The Shoulder Detail Top by ASOS

5. Blazer in Textured Leopard Print by ASOS

6. Black Vintage Style Boater Hat from Ebay

7. Animal Print Blazer by NEXT

8. T-Shirt with V Neck and Cold Shoulder by ASOS [SALE ITEM]

9. T-Shirt with V Neck in Black by ASOS [SALE ITEM]

I also bought another tee whilst out shopping today. It’s a black sleeveless/vest from TOPSHOP with beautiful, delicate detailing around the neckline and chest area. I’ve scoured the TOPSHOP website so that I could link it here, but as it was a sale item, it’s unfortunately not listed any longer. I’ll be sure to highlight it when I wear it in a post for the Style section so you know what I’m talking about.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday, and have a safe, happy, and beautiful Autumnal weekend whatever you’re doing!

Love, love love,

nicki xoxo


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