Up until last year, I never really appreciated Autumn. For me, it was just the break that came between Summer Sun, and Winter Snow. It also kind of acted as the annoying countdown until it was appropriate enough for me to play Christmas music, and watch badly-made Christmas TV movies that I can’t help but watch, over-and-over.

But now, after everything that happened last year, it’s as if I have a new-found love for Autumn. When Autumn 2012 came around [last year], it was as if the season came with a huge sigh of relief attached to it. After struggling for almost two months, and not knowing what I was suffering with, it came as a welcomed comfort being diagnosed with severe depression. You may find it funny, and also a little weird that I was comforted by the diagnosis; but when you’re suffering with it, not knowing why you’re getting the bad thoughts 24/7 [even if your dreams], being unable to escape it – when an explanation comes along, you grab hold of it with both hands and thank God for finally giving you an answer. So, although last Autumn I was in a hard, distressing place, I can’t help but feel happy, thankful, and comforted by October this year.

So, with that being said, I took to the only logical way to express my excitement… through a Pinterest board, durrrh. Let’s be honest: there’s nothing that creates more excitement about the thing you’re excited about other than pinning it. Whether it be the sight of pumpkins, going out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf on the street, or the beautiful colours that God paints the world with at this time of year… I’m excited for it.

I’m also excited to be experimenting with some pumpkin recipes this Autumn, such as gluten-free Pumpkin Pie [coming soon to THE KITCHEN DIARIES]. I’ve also never carved a pumpkin before [cue gasps from my American friends reading this]… it’s just not really a ‘thing’ over here. Plus, as I don’t celebrate Halloween, the occasion has never called for it. However, this year will be different; I’m going to carve a pumpkin all nice, and pretty… for no reason other than to experience what it’s like to carve a pumpkin. Plus, what’s better than pumpkin? Nothing. Right?

I hope you’re all as excited about October/Autumn/Fall as I am! I’d love to know what you’re favourite thing about the season is below in the comments.

nicki xoxo

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