Is it just me that says to themselves, “I’ll go on Pinterest for 10 minutes” … 450 pins, and 2 hours later, you suddenly realise you’ve been on longer than you first anticipated? That question was totally rhetorical because I know that if you even so much as own a Pinterest account, you’ll have ‘suffered’ the enticing allure of Pinterest for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Unlike Instagram, where, I don’t know about you, but the majority of my feed is dominated by Fashion; Pinterest is like a magical place where of your dreams can come true on as many boards you desire. I literally have a board dedicated to every single area of my life that you could possibly conjure up: Fashion, Beauty, Home Interiors, DIY, Gluten Free Eats, Inspiring words (or ‘Truth Words’ as I call it), Daily Grind Palace (office space), DIY Beauty, Nails, Fitness, Graphic Design, Web Design, The Olsen Twins, and the list goes on… 44 in total to be precise.

What inspires you most? Do you own a Pinterest account? What takes up the majority of your Pinterest time? Make sure to let me know by dropping me a comment down below, and leaving your Pinterest URL. If you haven’t yet added me into your Pinterest world, you can find me by searching: Nicki Elise Elwin.

Enjoy my Home Inspo! And HAPPY FRIYAY  xo


nicki elise

*none of the images featured belong to me. images taken from pinterest. i do not claim ownership of any of the images featured.*

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