Okay, so, to say that I’m in love would be an understatement. I first came across these fabulous pieces whilst on my regular nightly scroll through Pinterest. I couldn’t resist clicking the picture to see where it lead me, and it lead me straight to the Kei Jewelry Store on Etsy. Their pieces are lovingly made by the talented designer: Keyla Torres.

I scrolled, and scrolled through their beautiful pieces as I added 90% of their product line to my basket (knowing that I unfortunately wasn’t going to be purchase everything, but just wanted to keep it there for safe keeping).

It goes without saying that these are perfect Christmas gifts to give to your bestie, sister, Mom, or whoever is in your life that you simply want to spoil, not only at Christmas, but at any time in the year. I know I’ve got my eye on a specific few necklaces that will definitely be appearing in my stocking this year… (thanks Mom!) 


My favourite (below).

For more info. on Kei Jewelry‘s product line, visit their website:


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