My ‘everyday’ hair

As you have probably noticed in most of my posts, my typical hairstyle is somewhere between straight, and curly… typically known as ‘wavy’. I feel my most confident when my hair has a natural-looking wave to it. I’ve had a lot of people asking me how I do my hair, so I thought I’d do a quick, step-by-step tutorial for all of you who are interested. I hope you ENJOY, Beautiful!


What you’ll need:

• A 1.5 inch curling wand / 38mm jumbo curling wand [I’m using my Toni & Guy Jumbo Tong 38mm]

• A Brush

• Hairspray [Optional]


Let’s get started…

1. I start out by brushing my hair thoroughly with my favourite paddle brush.


2. I then tie 2/3 of my hair up, and out of the way, in a top knot.


3. After making sure that my curling iron is all heated-up, I start by taking 1 to 1.5 inch strands of hair, and wrapping the hair around the wand, going in the direction away from my face.


4. For this particular curling wand, I’ve found that I have to leave my hair wrapped around the wand longer than I have done with other wands [probably because this Toni & Guy wand only heats up to 200C/392F, and my others reach 220C/482F]. Depending on which curling iron, and heat setting you use, the length of time you keep each strand of hair around the wand will vary. I tend to leave mine wrapped for approx. 25-30 seconds.


5. I continue curling each 1 inch – 1.5 inch section of hair until it looks something like this [below]. 7

6. I then bring another 1/3 of my hair down from the top knot, and secure the remaining 1/3 back on the top of my head. I continue to curl this second layer of hair away from my face, in same size sections as the lower third.



[I totally thought I was being cute here… I made an unintentional kinda-sorta bow whilst tying my hair up. Kinda thought I looked like Minnie Mouse… I obviously couldn’t resist taking a snapshot.]11

7. Finally, I take the last 1/3 of the hair from the top knot, brush it through, and curl it away from my face, continuing to part it into 1 inch – 1.5 inch sections. The end result should look something like this [below]!


For me, this is the perfect hairstyle, and I hope you like it, too! If you try it out, please let me know, snap a selfie, upload it to Instagram, and tag #thetruthdiariesbeauty in your caption so that I can see all of your pretty hairstyles! Also, if you want to see more posts like this, let me know via the comments, below. Love, love, love. 

nicki xoxo


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