Plaid Pant: Take Five

I know you’re not supposed to have favourites… but out of all of the of the ways I’ve shown how to wear a patterned pant, this has to be my favourite. This outfit is something I’d wear everyday if I could… but I can’t… so I won’t. There are so many different elements to this look and each element adds it’s own special something that, all-together, creates such a unique look.

Because I was going about styling a casual look with the pants, I decided to dress them down with a white, ‘cold-shoulder‘ V-Neck tee, casual brown booties, and a denim vest. Although I almost always wear my hair down, by pulling it back into a low pony, and adding a hat, it’s as if the whole outfit was taken to another level.

Not only did this outfit get a ton of compliments, but it also felt so great to wear. And of course, as you already know; when something looks great, and feels great, you feel confident, and in-turn, confidence boosts the way you look and feel. You can’t really go wrong with this outfit.


Pants/Trousers: Next


Denim Vest: TOPSHOP

Sunglasses: ASOS

Hat: Primark

Booties: Primark

Bag: Next

Watch: Sabo Skirt

Bracelet: Tuvalu Laguna Beach Boutique

Rings: River Island

nicki xoxo

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