When choosing the location for this shoot, as it’s finally October, I wanted portray as much ‘Autumn’ as possible. So, where better to go than somewhere that has crunchy leaves coating the grounds, and the beautiful shades of Autumn catching your eye in every direction you look? The park.

I know it can be controversial at times if not worn right, but I’m a sucker for double denim. It’s a style, if pulled off well, can look amazing in any season. One of the ways I’d always recommend doing it, is combining two different shades of denim; light, and dark. It’s so rare that you find anyone looking like they’re still from this decade when wearing one shade in a double denim scenareo.

So, as the weather is making the transition from Summer to Autumn, and the there’s a gradual increase of chill in the air day-by-day, I couldn’t resist pairing my double-denim with my other love… leather. My trusted leather jacket by TOPSHOP is always my go-to piece come A/W. To say I adore this jacket would be an understatement. I’ve had it for around four years, and it’s still the #1 piece in my wardrobe. Whether it’s a snowy day nearing Christmas time, or a chilly Summers eve, it has, and will always be my favourite item to grab-and-go. I know, whatever the weather, I’m going to be kept warm, and toasty as long as I’ve got my leather wrapped around me.

Me and my Mama: the greatest woman on planet Earth. I’m so thankful for her; everything she is, and everything she does!

1. Light Wash Oversized Denim Shirt by TOPSHOP

2. Moto Leigh Medium-Dark Wash Jean [distressed by me] by TOPSHOP

3. Pointed Toe Flats by ZARA

4. Leather Jacket by TOPSHOP

5. Oversized Leather Bag by Next

6. Oversized Gold Chunky Chain Necklace by TOPSHOP

7. Gold Statement Watch by Sabo Skirt

8. ‘Love’ Bracelet by Tuvalu Boutique in Laguna Beach, CA

9. ASOS Half Frame Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses by ASOS

nicki xoxo

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