The 99

The 99 Cover Photo

Last week, my boyfriend and I took a trip out of town, and we came across a beautiful park that we didn’t even know existed; lush grass, gorgeous gardens, beautiful blue ponds, and tall, sturdy oak trees as far as the eye could see. What first started out as a “Please could you take a picture of me for my Instagram?” turned into “Hey Nicki, why don’t you stand over there… that would make a great picture!” and before I knew it, there he was laid flat on his chest on the ground, pointing the camera up at me, snapping picture after picture after picture for a complete style shoot for the blog. Little did he know, he’d just volunteered himself for future TTD style shoots… Hahaha! I hope you enjoy this very spontaneous, double denim photo shoot! xo


Shirt by Topshop

Shorts by Zara

Shoes by Next

Bag Vintage

nicki xoxo

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