Hey Bubba’s! I hope you’re all having an amazing Saturday. When it comes to my go-to outfits, this is definitely one of them. I adore black-on-black-on-black because it never goes out of style, and looks forever classy. When I stumbled upon this Kimono from Arnhem Clothing, I fell in love… I mean, how could you not? The colours are simply stunning, the feel is super soft, and it is the perfect edition if you’re wanting to add a pop of colour to an all black attire. Make sure to go check out Arnhem in the ‘SHOP THE LOOK‘ section below! Enjoy, babes!




1. Kimono by Arnhem Clothing

2. Top by ASOS

3. Jeans by Zara [similar here]

4. Boots by Next

5. Bag by Sabo Skirt [similar here]

6. Watch by Sabo Skirt [similar here]

7. Bandeau by Target [similar here]

8. Bracelet by Tuvalu Laguna Beach Boutique

9. Rings by H&M

nicki xoxo

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