Hi beautiful!

Sorry I haven’t been updating over the past week or so… I’ve had tonsillitis and the flu. Honestly, I haven’t felt this ill in a really long time. A couple of mornings ago, I woke-up at 7am, shivering that much I had to put my long PJ’s on, fluffy Christmas socks, a hoodie with the hood up, and wrap a warm, soft blanket around my shoulders to contain the heat I had left in my body. Unfortunately, my temperature fluctuated between this, and being sweltering hot every ten minutes; so, as you can imagine, the layers kept coming and going.

I managed to schedule an appointment with the doctor yesterday, and was prescribed penicillin. Although it doesn’t feel better at all, I’m just thankful that I’ve got something to take for it. On top of my tonsils growing Tonsil Stones (Puss Balls as I like to call them), ulcers have also started forming, covering my tonsils. I didn’t think tonsillitis could be any more painful than it already is; add ulcers into the mix and the pain is so unbearable, it has actually brought me to tears. Ouch!


I’d really appreciate your prayers as the pain has literally sucked the energy out of me. Two days ago, I tried to work on the News for this-coming Sundays Paradox Church; I fell asleep three times whilst trying to piece together the baptism clips from last week. So, as you can imagine – my time is spent laying on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket, watching Diagnosis Murder re-runs, while refreshing my Twitter feed, and drifting in-and-out of naps.

Thanks, beautiful! Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay safe… and get your flu shots!nicki xoxo

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