What’s Inside My Bag?

Hey Beauties! I hope you’re okay, and that you’re having a wonderful day!

I won’t lie to you… I do love a good bag, or 20. My weakness when it comes to bags is big bags… the bigger the bag, the better. Fell free to call me Mary Poppins. Before I go downstairs in the morning, I pack a bag [yes, even if i’m not leaving the house]. Since my room is on the third floor, if I forget anything, it’s super annoying having to go up-and-down the stairs all the time. So, to save me the trouble, I pack a bag with all the things I know I’m going to be using that day [iPhone, Macbook, External Hard Drive, Moisturiser, Chapstick, Various Chargers, Extra Nail Glue [if I’m wearing falsies that day] etc.. Depending on your character, you may say that I’m being lazy… but I think it’s genius! My Dad thinks it’s hilarious, “Oh, here’s Nicki and her bag!” …[because my bag is the size of a small person].

Anyway, I wanted to show you what I carry around with me on a daily basis [for when I’m actually going out, and not just downstairs…]. Lately, this beautifully structured, black number is my go-to bag when I’m out-and-about. You’ll find that the contents of my bag is usually a mess [hence the pile-up of receipts]. ENJOY! xo

1. I somehow always have dollar bills in my purse. I don’t even live in the US anymore. I guess you can see where my heart belongs…

2. An very wide assortment of lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, lip liner etc.

3. My Chapstick Medicated

4. A Mini on-the-go spritz bottle of Justin Bieber’s ‘Someday’one of my favorite scents.

5. Mascara if I need a quick touch-up during the day

6. My very trusty and very reliable Seagate External Hard Drive

7. A Plaster/Band-Aid: on standby should an uncomfortable shoe event occur…

8. TTD Business Cards ❤❤❤

9. Gum

10. An extra lens: Canon 50mm F1.4 [pictured].

11. Sunglasses

12. Elastic & Hair Grips

13. Hand Food [Moisturiser] by Soap & Glory

14. Comb

15. Pen by BIG Interiors 

16. An extra iPhone 5 case [don’t ask me why… I really don’t know!]

17. My iPhone 5 [Gold Stud Case available here]

What do you carry around in your bag? Do we have any of the same items? Let me know in the comments below!

nicki xoxo

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